API tests are done to check the application programming interface. This is to check whether the API performs up to the mark when facing different unexpected and expected requests. Several API tests are done to check and ensure the programming of the applications. The applications are checked to see whether they function properly. The API Tester do the API tests.

Some API tests include fuzz testing, penetration testing, security testing, reliability testing, load testing, functional testing, and validation testing.


  • Security testing

Security testing is a combination of fuzz and penetration testing. This testing offers a significant security auditing process. The security tests include certain aspects of penetrating and fuzz tests. It also checks the validation of the encryption methods.

  • Reliability testing

Reliability tests are part of API tests. These tests are done to check the reliability and authenticity of an API. Reliability tests ensure that API ensures connections between certain platforms, the results, and the connections that they want to be constant.

  • Load testing

Load testing is a part of API tests. These tests are done to check the ability of an API to handle the calls. The tests are done to check the specific unit or a whole database. This test determines whether the theoretical solutions are up to the mark. This is done to check the practicality of the application under a certain workload.

  • Functional testing

Functional tests ensure the functionality and performance of the API. These tests are done to make sure the functions of an API. The functions ensure the right functioning of an API.

  • Validation testing

Validation tests include a few questions about the completion of the projects. The questions include the right production of the applications, the right product for the problem, and the major bloating in the products. These types of questions are asked to check the efficiency and behaviour of the applications.