Azure AI – Create Mission-Critical Applications with New Services Capabilities

Azure AI

At a time when the world is adapting to new approaches to work and stay in touch, the market is committed to offer solutions of Azure AI to support companies invent new things with new goals.

Building on our idea to authorize to apply AI to do more, today there are many competences in Azure Cognitive Services, which include:

Azure AI

  • Preview of Text Analysis for healthcare.
  • General Availability of the Format Recognizer.
  • General availability of Custom Commands.
  • New Voices from Text Conversion to Neural Voice.

Companies in the healthcare, insurance, sustainable agriculture sectors, among others, continue to adopt Azure AI to create and implement AI applications and improve their businesses. As shown in a new research, 75 percent of companies will implement artificial intelligence solutions to advance working efficiencies and provide better customer experiences.

To respond to these growing demands, updates to current products expand in terms of language, vision and voice abilities in Azure Cognitive Services to support developers create mission-critical AI applications that allow richer information, save time and decrease costs and progress customer interaction.

Get rich information with robust language processing

A key way in which companies are adapting is to increase the capability to process data quickly and produce new information from it. COVID-19 accelerated this urgency, particularly in the health care sector. With the huge amount of health care data that is generated every year 2, it is more and more important for caregivers to gain access to that information quickly, in order to find solutions to improve patient care.

The Text Analysis for healthcare, a new method of Text Analysis that allows healthcare providers, researchers to extract great information and relationships from raw medical data. Prepared for big medical data, covering many formats of medical data, clinical trial protocols, among others, the functionality for healthcare can process a wide range of types of data and tasks, without having to proceed with the procedure.